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July 1, 2011

Carving stone is how I started. It was very simple stuff, about things seen in my immediate environment, or sometimes artifacts from ancient civilizations or found things that engaged me, and still do.

Following my first London show, a very nice thing was written about me and which has really kept me going:

I first experienced Andrea’ work at the Kettles Yard Gallery Open in 1996 and later at her one person show of sculpture, drawings and prints at Christopher Hull Gallery, London SW1. I am struck by her ability to imaginatively co-ordinate
 her feelings for nature with her sensitive awareness of the
 energy of her chosen materials, the results being sculptures
 which are sensitively felt, full of subtle surprises, and which
 carry a breath of life within them. They are telling, beautiful
 works which resonate over time. In my view, she is a sculptor of rare distinction

Leonard Mc Comb, RA. Keeper of Sculpture, Royal Academy Schools, London.

  • Prow II - bronze
    Prow II - bronze
  • Return
  • Source II
    Source II
  • Prow II - bronze
    Prow II - bronze
  • Prow I - limestone
    Prow I - limestone
  • Pebble
  • Long axe
    Long axe
  • invert
  • Fruit
  • Crescent limestone
    Crescent limestone
  • Crescent bronze
    Crescent bronze
  • Chasm
  • Red
  • Red
  • Source I
    Source I

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